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Move to Assurance (MTA) is an evangelism / creation apologetics ministry. We specialize in creation and dinosaur themed online outreaches, as well as booths at fairs and festivals, and publishing gospel tracts and books.

Go, Make Disciples: We go with outreaches where people gather. We have evangelistic and new believer Bible studies. And we provide free books and videos to help believers grow. “I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God." - Acts 20:27      

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The Science Pastor

There is no conflict between science and the Bible. Learn the facts. Learn the truth. You'll find God's Word is the truth and the facts of science are 100% in agreement.

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We make extensive use of dinosaurs and fossils in our ministry. Dinosaurs are great conversation starters, opening the door to conversations about the gospel.

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The Gospel & Evangelism

Our time is wasted if we do not clearly present the gospel. The gospel is in everything we do, and we are focused on creating gospel presentation opportunities.

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Web Sites

The #1 source of information today is the web. We have a network of Biblical web sites that answer questions and present the gospel in a variety of ways using Biblical principles.

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Video Production

Not only do most people turn to the web for information, they most often get their information from videos. We have produced over 100 Biblical videos, most with associated web pages, with more on the way.

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Books & Tracts

To provide people with something physical they can keep, and have available whenever needed (as moved by the Holy Spirit for example), we give away Bibles, New Testaments, gospel tracts and books we've published. All of our books are also freely available online.

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Move to Assurance

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Some of Our Free Resources

Our goal is to proclaim the gospel, and help churches and individuals do the same. We make all of our resources available free. Individuals can access resources through our web sites. And we're happy to assist churches who wish to publicly proclaim the true gospel at fairs and festivals.

Videos & Books

We have created over 100 videos that proclaim God's truth, many of which can be used as ice breakers All of our ice breaker 30 SECOND videos are freely available for download on the Science Pastor web site.

Download Memes (free)

Free memes you can use on Facebook, Twitter or just email them. Memes are available for download on this web site.

Got Questions?
Get Answers

We answer every humanist accusation against scripture. And the SciencePastor web site is packed with links to videos and articles with answers.

Fairs & Festivals

We're happy to help churches and individuals in the Pacific NW have an evangelism booth at a fair or festival. Contact us for more information.